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Professional communication is one the hardest workplace skills to master. Whether it's communicating to your employees, supervisors, or coworkers, voicing your opinions and ideas in an understandable way is extremely difficult. Create a free infographic to communicate your ideas at work and reduce miscommunication related errors today!

Communication Example
Communication Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Communication Infographic

  1. Pick your Characters

    First, decide who is communicating to who. Is this you personally communicating to another coworker or a team? Or is this a communication effort from the company as a whole to an individual group. Choose your characters and assign them visuals so the infographic is easy to follow.

  2. Show Mediums for Communication

    Next, show the different outlets for communication. These days, communication can take many forms, each of which has its own benefits and pitfalls. Outline how each medium of communication could get across your message and note the pros and cons associated with each one.

  3. Show Why Communication is Important

    Finally, illustrate the benefits of good, professional communication so your audience understands why you are creating this infographic and trying to improve communication. Highlight current miscommunication problems your company is facing and why implementing infographics and new means of communication may solve them.

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