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Progress bars are a great way to let your team know that they're on track to hit a big goal or objective. The progress bar moves little by little with each accomplishment made by each team member, bringing them closer to their goal. Creating an infographic with progress bars is the best way to align your team towards a common goal and facilitate cooperation between employees to achieve it.

Progress Bar Infographic 1
Progress Bar Infographic 1

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3 Tips for Creating a Progress Bar Infographic

  1. Set Your Goal

    First things first: what are you working towards? Make the goal tough, but realistic. The team should know that they need to work hard to hit this goal, and as a business manager, set expectations so that even if they don't hit it, an element of success is still achieved.
  2. Set Checkpoints

    Set checkpoints or "mini goals" along the way. It's important to keep the team happy and motivated and a great way to do this is by setting checkpoints. These checkpoints will serve as small victories along the progress bar as the team works towards the main goal.
  3. Show What is Considered Success

    Finally, show at which level success is achieved. Maybe your main goal is to hit 1 million dollars in sales, but as the progress bar gets closer to the 1M mark, have it change colors. At maybe 75-80% of your goal, you could mark this as a success. This lets them know that they've done a great job, but there's still opportunity to do even better!

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