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What is a Corporate Mood Board?

A corporate mood board is a visual tool that companies use to represent their brand identity and communicate their message to their target audience. The mood board typically consists of a collage of images, colors, textures, and fonts that help to define the brand's personality and evoke a particular mood or emotion.

Importance of Mood Boards

The importance of mood boards lies in their ability to help companies clarify their vision and align their branding efforts. By creating a visual representation of the brand's desired aesthetic, companies can ensure that their marketing materials are consistent and on-brand. Additionally, mood boards can inspire creative thinking and spark new ideas that can help companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

What's Included on a Corporate Mood Board?

A corporate mood board typically includes the following elements:

  • Colors: The color palette used in the brand's visual identity, including primary and secondary colors and any accent colors.
  • Typography: The fonts and typography used in the brand's messaging, including headers, subheaders, and body text.
  • Imagery: Photographs, illustrations, and other visual elements that reflect the brand's aesthetic and personality.
  • Textures: Patterns, textures, and other visual elements that add depth and dimension to the brand's visual identity.
  • Mood: A general feeling or emotion that the brand wants to evoke in its target audience, such as luxury, warmth, or playfulness.

How are Corporate Mood Boards Used?

Corporate mood boards can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Brand Development: Mood boards can help companies develop their brand identity and create a consistent look and feel across all marketing materials.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Mood boards can inspire creative thinking and provide a visual guide for marketing campaigns, ensuring that all materials are on-brand and aligned with the company's vision.
  • Website Design: Mood boards can be used to inform website design, ensuring that the site's aesthetics are consistent with the brand's overall visual identity.
  • Product Design: Mood boards can inspire product design and help companies create products that are aligned with their brand's personality and messaging.

5 Steps to Creating a Mood Board


Click the Orange "Create a Mood Board" Button or a Template Above

This will bring you into the creator with a starting mood board to work from. You may use this layout, or delete what you wish.


Give Your Mood Board a Name

Be sure to name it something specific, so you can find it later on!


Make it Your Own!

Choose a background color/theme. This is also when you can upload your own images to customize your mood board. Have fun with the colors and patterns!


Save Your Mood Board

When you are done, simply click the "save and exit" button.


Present Your Work and Inspire!

You can print, create a slideshow, download as a PDF, and more. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mood Boards

Who should create a mood board?

Mood boards can be created by anyone involved in the branding or marketing process, including designers, marketers, and business owners.

How do I create a mood board?

To create a mood board, start by collecting images, colors, and other visual elements that reflect your brand's personality and messaging. Arrange these elements on a board or canvas to create a cohesive visual representation of your brand.

How often should I update my mood board?

Your mood board should be updated whenever there are changes to your brand's visual identity or messaging. For example, if you launch a new product or rebrand your company, you may need to update your mood board to reflect these changes.

How can I use my mood board effectively?

To use your mood board effectively, share it with all stakeholders involved in your branding and marketing efforts. Use it as a guide for creating marketing materials and ensure that all materials are consistent with the brand's visual identity.

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