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A business plan is a document that clearly outlines a business' goals and objectives, and clearly states their strategies on how they plan to achieve them. The document can take many different shapes or forms such as a letter, PowerPoint, or an infographic.

Business Plan Infographic Example
Business Plan Infographic Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Business Plan Infographic

  1. Describe Your Product

    The first aspect of a business plan is to describe what it is you're actually selling. Whether your business is offering a product or a service, describe exactly what it is and what benefit it provides to your consumer.
  2. Analyze Your Market

    Include an analysis of your market. Anyone who reads your business plan should understand who is buying your product, what your rough pricing model is, and how you market your product or service to consumers.
  3. Outline Goals and Strategies

    The most important part of your business plan is to clearly and concisely outline the goals of your business and how you plan on achieving each one. Be specific with each goal and outline the strategy for achieving it. Make sure to include what success would look like and what possible problems your business could run in to.

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