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It's not uncommon for some to feel intimidated when faced with complex technical situations. There seems to be a big disconnect between tech departments and every other department at most companies. A great way to bridge that gap is to create technical infographics that allow non tech team members to easily understand complex technical solutions.


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3 Tips for Creating Technical Infographics

  1. Show Inter-connectivity

    It's difficult for non tech team members to understand the connections between different aspect of the tech process. Showing with arrows the connections from one network to another using arrows is very important for helping other teams to understand the inter-connectivity.
  2. Go Light on the Copy

    The power of an infographic is the visual component. When describing complex tech, go easy on the copy and associate icons to represent intimating phrases or sounds. Be careful not to condescend to your audience. They are experts in something too, but make your terms relatable through visuals.
  3. Explain Acronyms

    Lastly, pick a few common tech acronyms used in your day-to-day and create visuals that explain them. It's common for people not to ask what a certain acronym means out of fear or embarrassment. By explaining common ones, you'll create more understanding. which creates a new set of eyes and possible solutions for your technical problems.

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