3 Steps to Creating an Agile User Story

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The goal of an agile user story is to demonstrate the value of a software feature from an end-user perspective. Often when creating a feature, it’s easy to get lost in the specific details of what the feature can accomplish and how it works, and we forget the real reason we’re creating this feature in the first place – for the user. An agile user story allows us to stay grounded and think through the feature and it’s layout from a real user’s perspective.

The basic template for creating and agile user story follows this sentence template:

As a [Role], I want [Feature], so that I can [Reason].

  1. Role – Who are you targeting? Is your company B2C or B2B? If it’s B2B, what job title do your users have?
  2. Feature – What do your users need in order to accomplish their goal? What exactly are you adding to your product for the user?
  3. Reason – Ultimately, what are your users trying to accomplish with this feature? Improve conversion rate? Decrease churn? Share their work more easily?

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