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Video marketing is the best way to capture potential new users and introduce them to your product. It's a fun and captivating marketing tactic that intrigues viewers and portrays real uses of your product. Creating an infographic to either illustrate video marketing success or pitch the idea to an investor or coworkers is a great way to get started.

Video Marketing-Example
Video Marketing-Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Video Marketing Infographic

  1. Who's the Audience?

    One key benefit of an infographic is the fact that it's almost impossible to misunderstand. Whether you're showing the success of a video marketing campaign or pitching the idea to your team, be sure to clearly visually illustrate your potential audience so there's no ambiguity as to who you're targeting.
  2. Know Your Stats

    Now it's time to get mathematical. Lay out the numbers, what's good, and what needs to be improved. Be sure to note exactly how much your campaign has helped a certain statistic or plans to improve one. Be stark in your comparisons so it's easy for your audience to digest your complicated statistics.
  3. Show Success

    Lastly, show what success looks like. Make sure to incorporate an element of emotion into your infographic. If the goal of the video marketing campaign is to generate revenue (it usually is), then show big money bags with happy faces. This way it's very clear exactly what the goal of the campaign is.

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