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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Sales Pitch

Whether you're in direct customer sales, marketing, finance, tech, or creative, mastering the perfect sales pitch will always come in handy. Sales pitches are not only for pitching your value proposition to prospective customers or partners, they can also be used internally between departments when trying to make a case for a feature or request you’ve put in for them. Knowing the elements to building a strong sales pitch will allow you to clearly and effectively get your point across and build consensus among a group.

  1. Hook Them – First you need to capture your audience's attention. The perfect hook will be a quick one or two sentences that tells your audience you’re aware of their problem and that you have something that can fix it.
  2. Introduce The Product – Now that you have their attention, it’s time to tell them a little about your product. Be careful here, spending too much time will result in losing your audiences attention and will have diminishing returns. Quickly tell them what the main features of your product are.
  3. Relate to Them – Now it’s time to get personal. Don’t just treat them like they’re any old customer, find something personal about them and relate to it. Pitching to Developer Dave? Relate to Dave by telling him you have friends who are also developers who had the same issue as him, but are now using your product and loving it.
  4. Create Urgency – Now that you have their interest and they know what your product does, it’s time to get them on board for purchasing. Create urgency – tell them your product (or the deal you’re offering) won’t be around much longer and if they are interested they must take advantage now.
  5. Call to Action – Tell them exactly how they can purchase and put them on the path to buying. Tell them the first step is to [fill in the blank], then let the natural sales process handle the rest.

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