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Developing a product requires an immense amount of teamwork and interdepartmental communication. Usually, each department has their own vision of what the product development plan is and how the final product will look or function. To create alignment between teams, make a free product development infographic to share with you co-workers today!

Product Dev Info-Example
Product Dev Info-Example

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3 Tips for Creating Product Development Infographics

  1. Show the Product Flow

    First, create a product flow by showing how the product development process will move from each team to the next. What needs to be done before the next team can work on their part of the product? Create the flow so there is no ambiguity throughout the product development process.
  2. Show Each Team's Contribution

    Next, show each teams contributions to the product. What will the marketing team bring to the table? The design team? Development? And so on. Show the tangible addition each team will contribute and how it works to improve the product as a whole.
  3. Show the Final Product Vision

    Lastly, illustrate what the final product will look like and how it will function. By showing teams the final version of the product at the beginning of the development process, it helps them have an image of how their individual contributions will work towards achieving that final goal. It also allows them to question if their work is geared towards creating the final product, or if they should change what they're working on to something more aligned with the end goal.

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