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Create a Humorous Presentation*

What Makes a Presentation Humorous?

A presentation can be humorous when the speaker uses various techniques such as telling jokes, using witty comments, using funny anecdotes, using irony or sarcasm, and engaging the audience with playful banter.

What are the Benefits of Delivering a Humorous Presentation?

    There are several benefits of delivering a humorous presentation, including:

  • Captivating the audience's attention and keeping them engaged.
  • Making the presentation more memorable.
  • Creating a positive and fun atmosphere that can enhance the audience's learning and retention of the material.
  • Building a stronger connection with the audience by showing your personality and sense of humor.
  • Reducing tension and anxiety in both the speaker and the audience, making the presentation more enjoyable for everyone involved.

3 Tips for Creating Humorous Presentations


Include the Audience

Ever seen a street performer or live comedy show? Something you may notice they often do is they include the audience as part of their show. You can use this same tactic in your professional presentations. Be sure to regularly ask the audience questions or have them share examples from their lives. If you’re worried about singling someone out, you can poll your audience and have them vote on certain topics. This will make them feel like they are involved in your presentation.


Have Relatable Stories

At every place of work, there are a few annoying office quirks that bother everyone. Maybe it’s the extra loud AC, or the back door that always locks you out. Whatever it is, be sure to include a quick story that involves one of these quirks and reference back to your presentation topic. Doing this will allow your audience to connect to you and your presentation, and since it’s about a quirk they’re familiar with, they’ll easily relate to it.


Include Visuals

Including visuals is a very easy way to add humor into your presentation. Add funny pictures or comics into your slides, or better yet – make your own! You can create your own visuals, graphics, or comics and customize them so they fit in with your work place. It’s easy to ignore a block of text in a slide, but hard to ignore a funny picture of your office with all of your coworkers in it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Humor in a Business Presentation

Are humorous business presentations appropriate for all types of audiences?

It depends on the audience and the context of the presentation. In general, a humorous presentation can be appropriate for most business audiences as long as the humor is appropriate and relevant to the topic. However, if the topic is very serious or sensitive, it may be more appropriate to avoid using humor.

How can a speaker balance humor with professionalism in a business presentation?

The key to balancing humor with professionalism is to make sure the humor is appropriate and relevant to the topic, and to use it in moderation. The speaker should also maintain a respectful and professional tone throughout the presentation and avoid using humor that could offend or alienate any members of the audience.

Is it necessary to be a natural comedian to deliver a humorous presentation?

No, it is not necessary to be a natural comedian to deliver a humorous presentation. Anyone can use humor effectively in a presentation by using appropriate techniques and practicing their delivery. However, it is important to be authentic and use humor that feels natural to the speaker.

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