User Interface Wireframes and Examples

Designing a simple yet thorough user experience will significantly increase your website's conversion rate and increase web-page revenues. UX tends to be much more complicated than what initially meets the eye. The best way to visualize your UX from start to finish and identify areas for improvement is to create a UX wireframe. Create a user experience wireframe today by using our templates below!

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3 Tips for Creating UX Wireframes

  1. Guide your Users

    When a new user lands on your page, your UX should guide them into the action you want them to take. Most pages have multiple links, buttons, or options the user can choose to move forward, but which one do you want them to take? Which is the most common and which will lead to the highest conversion rate? Guide your user by selecting one option as the clear path for the user to take.
  2. Progressive Disclosure

    Implement elements of progressive disclosure into your user experience. Only show users exactly what they need to see at that time, with no additional information. This is not a sneaky tactic to hide information from your users, but instead its aim is to be helpful by not overwhelming users with too many options.
  3. Optimize Default Settings

    Be very careful about what default settings you set throughout your user experience. New users are highly unlikely to change default settings, so what do you think will be best for them and will lead to the highest conversion rates? Decide who your most common new users are and cater to the majority.

To learn more about UX check out these UX Experts for their tips!


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