Sketch Wireframes and Examples

Wireframing is the best way to design a modern and effective web-page. Traditionally, many people think of wireframing as something done with pen and paper, which left most of us non artistic people feeling left out. That's why we decided to create pre-made sketch wireframes for you! Create a wireframe today using one of our templates and customize it to your business objectives.

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3 Tips for Creating Sketch Wireframes

  1. Skip the Color

    Wireframes should be intentionally minimalist and bleak. The point of wireframing is not to be distracted by color palettes or blinking icons, but rather to focus on the core layout and design of the page. Leave out the color and flash and focus on the order of elements and placement of your call to actions.
  2. Request Constant Feedback

    When creating a wireframe, you should always be asking for feedback from co-workers or team members. Try to ask people from various departments, as each will offer a unique perspective on what they like about your wireframe design and where there is still room for improvement.
  3. Decide on One Clear Page Objective

    Pick one clear page goal or objective. Is the goal of this page to capture the user's email address so a sales rep can follow up? Is it to have the user start a free trial? Or is it to guide them through a self-service purchase process? Whatever it is, pick one goal and always keep that goal in mind when designing.


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