5 Steps to Creating a Customer Onboarding Plan

Customer onboarding is the process of introducing a new user to your product, showing them the features of the product, and providing information to them so that they are able to get the most out of their free trial or purchase. Having a successful customer onboarding plan will increase conversion rate and decrease churn. Follow these 5 steps to create an effective customer onboarding plan.

  1. Start With A User Flow Chart – The first step to creating a customer onboarding plan is to understand the journey your customers take when they use your product. Create a user flow chart to see exactly what steps your users will take. This way, you can internalize each individual feature you will need to explain.
  2. Develop A Standard Presentation – Now that you understand the journey your customers will go on, it’s time to create a simple and universal presentation you can send them when they need help. In your onboarding process, it’s great to have a quick and easy PDF or PowerPoint that you can send the users to help them get started (e.g. set up their account, add additional users, adjust their settings).
  3. Email Cadence – One of the most critical parts of onboarding is setting up an onboarding email cadence. This will be possibly a daily, semi- weekly, or bi- weekly set of emails that are sent to your users who have just started using the product. These emails can contain tips on how to use the product or resources they may not have seen. Remember to A/B test your emails and constantly be iterating for improved results.
  4. Track Product Usage – Now that you have your system set up, it's important to make sure it’s working. Work with tech to have a system set up to track usage of the product. Are users who open your email more likely to convert to a purchase? What questions are users asking after they read your presentation? Where in the usage funnel are most of your onboarded users falling off? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to improve your onboarding process and increase conversion rate.
  5. Make Customer Care Available – Lastly, make it known to your users that customer care and assistance is always available. Make sure they know who/where to contact if they have any questions at all. When users feel like they are being taken care of and all of their issues can be solved, they are much more likely to purchase.

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