5 steps to Creating a Successful Training Program

The benefits to a strong workplace training program are countless. It leads to increased production, increased revenue, decreased cost, decreased waste, happier employees, and lower turnover. Making sure your employees are fully prepared for their role is essential for ensuring long term growth in a company. A strong and effective training program will allow employees to maximize their efficiency in their current role, and will empower them to take on new tasks and challenges, thus serving as a catalyst for company progress.

  1. Conduct a Training Needs Assessment – To create a successful training program, you first have to conduct a training needs assessment. Determine the business goal you’re trying to achieve, what tasks the trained employees will be able to complete, what activities they need to complete in order to learn the tasks, and determine what personality characteristics are important for ensuring that you can be an effective trainer.
  2. Focus on Adult Learning Principles – Next, you want to keep in mind that you are training adults. It’s crucial to understand that the people you are training are coming into the program with a lifetime of knowledge, experiences, and opinions. Set up a program that is mostly self-directed.
  3. Have Clear Learning Objectives – Create SMART goals for your trainees. Make sure you know your metrics for success so you can determine what aspects of the training process work, and what needs to be changed.
  4. Implement Training Program – Conduct your training program. Make yourself available for help and note common questions that multiple trainees have, as many others who did not speak up likely have the same questions.
  5. Evaluate Training Program – After the training program has finished and the trained employees are completing their tasks, check in to see how they’re doing in regards to the learning objectives you set. Are they able to complete all the intended tasks? Which ones are they still struggling with? Iterate your training program accordingly.

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