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5 Steps to Creating a Sales Script

When training a new sales person, it can be hard to know where to get started. Having a solid and effective sales script is a great way to get the new salesperson familiar with the product and ready to make some calls. The best sales scripts aren’t word for word guidelines of exactly what to say and when to say it. Rather, they are loose templates that lead the salesperson through the call and provide a rough timeline on when they should hit on each of their points. Follow these 5 steps to create the best sales script for your team.

  1. Identify the product(s) you’ll be selling – First and foremost, you must decide on which product(s) you will be pitching. Choose the product(s) and familiarize your salesperson with the basics of how it works.
  2. Create buyer personas – Creating personas for your potential buyers will help you to cater the script to each individual caller. While potential customers may share some things in common, chances are they are still drastically different from one another. Knowing which buyer persona each caller is allows the salesperson to cater the call to their needs.
  3. Choose 3 product benefits you will share with the potential customer – Pick three outcomes that your product will provide and make sure to illustrate these outcomes as benefits to the potential buyer. These should be broad and understood by all as clear benefits.
  4. Relate those benefits to customer pain points – Now that you’ve told the potential customer the benefits you can provide, make them relevant by relating them to pain points the caller is currently experiencing.
  5. Prepare questions that guide towards the pain points – Prepare a few witness leading questions that guide the caller towards the pain points. For example: “Do you have questions deciding what to eat for lunch? The new MyFoodNow app has great recommendations!”

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