3 Ways to Create Blog Graphics

Adding graphics and visuals to a blog is an easy way to engage your readers. Blogs are generally meant to be light, fun, and informative, so a wall of text can cause readers to lose interest. The thing about blog graphics is you don’t need to be a designer or an artist to create them – anyone can do it! Here are 3 easy blog graphics you can create and add to your blog today.

  1. Graphic Headers – Create a visually appealing blog header. What’s your blog about? Show us with a cool image. Having an interesting and unique header will decrease bounce rate on your blog and encourage visitors to scroll down to learn more. It will also let them know that they clicked through to the right place, which builds trust with your audience.
  2. Social Media Images – Create a graphic for your blog to then post on social media. Instead of simply sharing your link and saying “click here to read my blog”, create a cool image that readers are enticed by and then click through to. Sharing a graphic to promote your blog will certainly increase your pageviews.
  3. Personification Graphics – Blogs will often include numbers or stats. Instead of listing out this information in the standard boring way, personify your numbers with a graphic. If 1 in every 10 people complete a certain task – show us by adding 10 little figures and highlighting one of them in a different color. This is easy, fun, and gets your point across to the readers.

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