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Wireframe Templates and Examples

Creating wireframes is an essential part of the product design process. Wireframes give developers, designers, and marketers the chance to walk through a new web-page or product before it's built, and stay focused on the key goals or objectives the new page is trying to achieve. Wireframes are generally simple, quick, and easily editable, which allows for strong interdepartmental collaboration during the product development process.

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3 Tips for Creating Wireframes

  1. Keep it Simple

    Wireframes are intentionally minimalist representations of a future product. The point of a wireframe is to be as simple as possible so that the product development team is not distracted by flashy colors or icons. Keep your wireframe basic, plain, and simple, focusing only on the user actions and overall layout of the page.

  2. Focus on UX

    When creating a wireframe, it is extremely important to focus on the user experience. When they click a button, where will they land? How many steps will the user have to take before they can achieve their core objective? Can you simplify this process? Use wireframing as a way to streamline and simplify your UX while making your interface as clear as possible.

  3. Use Templates

    Use the resources around you. Developers and product designers have spent countless hours building the best possible layouts for webpages, so use them to your advantage. Use templates and examples to help guide you in your wireframing process and tailor the templates to your specific business needs.
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