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Homepage Wireframes and Examples

Your website homepage is most likely where you will have the most traffic and will be the fist place users make the decision as to whether or not they're interested in your product. Designing a homepage that is simple, easy to navigate, and illustrates all the complex features of your product is extremely difficult. Use our homepage wireframe templates to help you get started building the best homepage for your product.

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3 Tips for Creating a Homepage Wireframe

  1. Use Grids and Boxes

    When planning and designing your homepage wireframe, divide your page into grids and fill those grid spots with boxes. Not every grid has to be the same size, but this will help keep your page proportional. By using grids and boxes to plan out your homepage, the final product will be much more visually appealing.
  2. Reuse Guiding Symbols

    To keep your page as symbol and easy to understand as possible, use well known symbols to guide your users. Big, easily understandable symbols will make the user feel more comfortable in knowing what your page is trying to communicate. Reuse the same symbols on the page multiple times to illustrate the same idea.
  3. Keep the User in Mind

    Last, but certainly not least, always keep the user in mind when designing the page. You should constantly be asking yourself "If I was the user, how would I understand this?". Your users are far less familiar with your product than you are, so introduce them and don't over complicate things. Always apply a user-centric focus to your design processes.
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