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Responsive Wireframes and Examples

Making your web-pages responsive is really not even a choice in today's day and age. With the range of different devices and screen sizes only growing, having your web-pages be able to fit and re-render to those sizes is essential. Create responsive wireframes using our templates and begin improving your website today!

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3 Tips for Creating Responsive Wireframes

  1. Know your Dimensions

    First, you have to know the devices your users have and the screen dimensions associated with each. Work with your product development team to make a list of possible devices and be prepared to create an iteration of your web-page wireframe for each.
  2. Don't Worry About Colors

    For now, it's best to keep it simple and stick with black and white or muted colors. Responsive wireframe creation should be purely focused on a general UI and UX scheme that works for all users on a particular device. Forget about the flashy front-end details for now and keep your wireframes simple with placeholders and Lorum Ipsum text.
  3. Optimize for Call to Actions

    When designing each responsive wireframe, always optimize for call to actions. Make sure no matter what device the user is on and regardless of their screen dimensions, there is always a call to action available for them. This will help maintain strong page conversion rates no matter how the user accesses your site.
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