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A pitch deck is a presentation that includes a brief overview of your product, business model, marketing plan, and investment or purchasing opportunities. The goal of a pitch deck is to entice investors in providing funds or convince consumers that to purchase your product.

Pitch Deck Info Example
Pitch Deck Info Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Pitch Deck Infographic

  1. Know Your Value Proposition

    In order to successfully convince others that your product will benefit them, you have to know exactly what value your product has. Why is your product superior to other similar products? What specifically can you offer your users or consumers?
  2. Know Your Market

    Whether you're creating a pitch deck to entice investors or to convince consumers to purchase, you need to know your market. Knowing who your target buyers are, how competitive the market is, the price points and barriers to entry, and any potential legal requirements or restrictions will go a long way into proving to your audience that you are fully prepared and have developed a strong action plan.
  3. Know What Problem You're Solving For

    It is essential to know what problem your product is solving for. If there is no problem to begin with, then why would people purchase your product? Knowing what problem you're solving for will explain to potential investors why your product will be successful, and explain to users why they should purchase your product.

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