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Mobile Wireframe Templates and Examples

The Mobile First movement is upon us, and now is the time to update all site content and optimize it for our mobile users. When redesigning site content for mobile users, the entire page layout may have to be rewritten from scratch. Use our mobile wireframe templates and examples to help you get started optimizing your pages for mobile!

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3 Tips for Creating a Mobile Wireframe

  1. Know your Devices

    First, it's important to know exactly which type of mobile device you're wireframing for. Layouts should differ for iPhone, Android, and Pixel users. Design one basic mobile wireframe, then cater to the specific dimensions of each type of user when creating device specific wireframes later on.
  2. Focus on What's Most Important

    Keep in mind that your mobile users have smaller screens and presumably have less time than desktop or laptop users. Mobile users are on the go and are looking for fast and easy results. Cater your mobile pages accordingly and only show the user what you think is most important.
  3. Limit Your Users' Choices

    Due to the nature of smaller screens, make your mobile users' lives easier by limiting their choices. Add in one or two clear call to actions on each page so the user knows exactly where to click. Combine multiple options you may have on desktop pages into one clear option for mobile users. If they're interested in the product and want more specific info, they will access your product on their desktop or laptop later on.
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