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User centered design (UCD) is the process of developing a product based on the needs and wants of the user. It's the practice of product developers putting themselves into the shoes of the user and constantly asking themselves, how will the user benefit from the work that I am doing? User centered design is the best way to make sure your work has value and is solving the problems your users are having.

User Design Example
User Design Example

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3 Tips for Creating a User Centered Design Infographics

  1. Define User Centered Design

    First, define what UCD is for your audience and show some examples. Before you can dive into how user centered design concepts should be applied to your business, your audience needs to understand what UCD is and why it's important.
  2. Create User Personas

    Next, create some key user personas. These are representations of some of your prototypical users. These user personas will have motivations or goals related to your product, as well as blockers or issues that need to be overcome. Each one will have a different user centered design approach.
  3. Place the User in the Center of the Infographic

    Lastly, create a physical representation of the user (image, icon, or symbol) and place this representation in the center of your infographic. It may sound silly, but by actually placing the user in the center of your design, you will help to create a user centered design process. The representation of the user will constantly remind everyone who the product is for and what the end goal is.

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