3 Steps to Creating an Infographic

Reading heavy and dry data on a normal Word document can get old pretty quickly. If you want to keep your target audience engaged in your flyer, handout, or email, try creating an infographic! Infographics are an easily understandable document that contains lots of possibly complex information and simplifies it by using bright colors, organizing patterns, and images.

  1. Compile Your Data – Gather all your data and figure out what message you are trying send to your target audience. List out all the studies you have completed or found and are using to build your case. Include statistics and user stories in order to add validity to your argument.
  2. Break Your Data Into Header Sections – Label and clearly define your main topics or arguments. These will later be placed in the biggest fonts to make them most visible to the reader. Your headers should be quick and to the point sentences that convey your argument or stance on whatever it is you're presenting to your audience.
  3. Stylize and Beautify – Here’s the fun part and here’s how you do it:
    1. Add a background color to your infographic
    2. Place your headers in the middle of the page and color them differently than your standard copy font
    3. Add images for each case study or statistic you have
    4. Add simple emojis or smiley faces to convey when something is good or bad for your readers to easily understand what side you stand on

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