7 Steps to Creating a Team Plan

How many times have you sat through a great productive meeting with your team, but once it’s over everyone goes back to their role and no actions are taken? Creating a team action plan during these meetings will ensure that outcomes and actionable items are created as a result instead of just a good conversation. Having an organized and concise team plan will allow each team member to know what they're expected to do after a meeting, and they’ll know how their specific work will fit into the project as a whole. Here are 7 steps to creating an effective team plan.

  1. Goal Statement – Write down your goal statement. What is the overall objective of this project or what problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Action Description – Describe the action that needs to be done. Be specific.
  3. Determine a Responsible Party/Department – Who’s responsible for completing this actionable item? Is it a single employee or a department as a whole?
  4. Due Dates – Clearly write out the date that work on the action item will start and when the item is due.
  5. Required Resources – What resources will the responsible parties need to complete the action item? Money? Research? Staff? Tech?
  6. What Could Go Wrong? – List some of the potential hazards or harms from completing this action item. This way if they do come about, you’ll have already thought these over with your team and have a plan in place to combat them.
  7. Outcome – What will the intended outcome be if the action item is completed successfully? Have a clear outcome outlined so you know your metric for success.

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