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Design thinking is the collaborative process through which product developers and designers work to better understand their users' needs, goals, and issues and then design the product with that information in mind. The goal of design thinking is to develop innovative, problem-solving solutions that may not be initially apparent and then apply those solutions to real product problems.

Design Thinking Example Storyboard
Design Thinking Example Storyboard

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3 Tips for Creating Design Thinking Infographics

  1. Define Design Thinking

    First things first - define it. Many people aren't familiar with what design thinking is, and even those that are might need a refresher. Define design thinking and put your definition either at the top or in the middle of your infographic so your audience can easily refer back to it.
  2. Show Connections

    Design thinking involves a balance between what the user wants/needs and what the company is capable of creating. Show the connection and balance between these two sides and be careful to note that often, what the user is asking for is not actually what they need. Always ask yourself: what problem is the user trying to solve and how can the company create a solution for this problem?
  3. Show Benefits

    Clearly illustrate the key benefits of design thinking and why your company should incorporate design thinking practices into their product development process today. Show why design thinking has worked for other products and what success would look like for your company.

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