User Interface Wireframes and Examples

Developing and designing a clear and modern UI is an essential aspect of keeping users happy. The user interface is how your customers will navigate their way through your website and ultimately decide if they want to purchase your product. Use our UI wireframe templates to help you get started designing the best interface for your product!

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3 Tips for Creating UI Wireframes

  1. Stick to the Grid

    When designing the layout of a new page, or redesigning an existing one, it's important to stick to the grid system. Divide your wireframe into a grid and make sure your images, text, and call to actions all fit nicely within the grid. This doesn't mean make every asset the same size, it means keep them proportional to one another.

  2. Double the White Space

    Take a look at all the spacing you have between sections of text or buttons. Now double it. It is always better to have more space in between paragraphs or images than to have them looked cramped together. Users won't be put off by lots of blank space (within reason), but will quickly feel overwhelmed and confused by images stacked on top of one another.

  3. Test and Iterate

    Test your page out with real users. Remember your design, tech, and product development team can only get you so far. You need to listen to real user feedback and monitor their actions taken with your new UI scheme. Is it hard for users to find a certain button? Make it bigger. Is an image too big for laptop users? Make your page more responsive. Test your page out and iterate accordingly.
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