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5 Steps to Creating a Company Vision

A company vision is a short statement or paragraph that will tell readers who your company is, why they are doing the work they’re doing, and how they will do it. They are generally short and simple, providing just enough information to either entice readers into wanting to know more or let them know this is not the company they are looking for. Creating a strong and concise company vision serves as a stable backbone to a company, and can be referenced when planning new projects, forming new partners, or onboarding employees. Follow these 5 steps to create an effective company vision.

  1. Set Goals – Set goals in your vision. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to eradicate a certain disease or make it easy to buy hardware online? What is your overall objective?
  2. Consider Company Values – Consider your company’s core values. Are you here to help people learn a new skill, or do you want to empower users to travel more? Incorporate your values into your vision.
  3. Use a Mission Statement – Have a strong mission statement. Sometimes it can be one simple sentence that tells readers who and what you are.
  4. Keep it Simple – Don’t go into too much detail with your company vision. Keep it short and sweet. It should be easy to understand even by those who are not familiar with your particular field.
  5. Establish a Timeframe – You’ve already told us your goals, but when do you want them completed by? Give us a timeline so we know when we can expect a real result from the company.

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