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There is often a disconnect between IT departments than with any other department. This disconnect can harm a business's productivity and does not facilitate interdepartmental collaboration. Creating infographics for the IT team to communicate with others is a great way to break down communication barriers and inspire teamwork across different departments.

IT Example
IT Example

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3 Tips for Creating IT Infographics

  1. Show Why

    IT departments should always start their infographics by showing why they are embarking on this project. What is the current problem they're trying to solve or the goal they're aiming to achieve? Showing the why behind the project helps create alignment.

  2. Use Real Dollars

    Usually these types of IT presentations are given to marketing or finance departments. Use concepts of real dollars when speaking to these teams so they can understand just how big of a project this is. This will also allow these other departments to assign a value to your project and develop reasonable metrics of success.

  3. Show System to System Interaction

    Use icons and symbols to clearly illustrate the inter-connectivity between different IT systems. Many of these programs or concepts will be foreign to your audience, so showing how they all interact with each other helps your audience form a baseline understanding of the tasks at hand.

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