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What is an IT Strategy Infographic?

An IT strategy infographic is a visual representation of an organization's IT strategy. It typically includes key information such as the organization's goals and objectives for IT, the current state of its technology infrastructure, the resources available to support its IT initiatives, and the plan for implementing new technology solutions.

Why are IT Strategies Important?

IT strategies are important because they help organizations align their technology initiatives with their overall business goals. An effective IT strategy can help an organization reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

How are IT strategies Best Used?

IT strategies are best used as a roadmap for guiding an organization's technology initiatives. They should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with the organization's goals. IT strategies can also be used to communicate the organization's technology vision and priorities to stakeholders.

What is Included in an IT Strategy Infographic?

An IT strategy infographic typically includes key information such as the organization's goals and objectives for IT, the current state of its technology infrastructure, the resources available to support its IT initiatives, and the plan for implementing new technology solutions. It may also include information on key stakeholders, timelines, and budgets.

What are Some Best Practices for Designing Effective IT Strategy Infographics?

Some best practices for designing effective IT strategy infographics include:

  • Keep it Simple: Use simple language and avoid technical jargon. The infographic should be easy to understand for all stakeholders, regardless of their technical knowledge.
  • Use Visuals: Incorporate visuals, such as charts and diagrams, to help illustrate key points and make the infographic more engaging.
  • Focus on the Most Important Information: The infographic should highlight the most critical elements of the IT strategy. Avoid overwhelming stakeholders with too much information.
  • Use Color Effectively: Use color to emphasize important information and make the infographic more visually appealing. However, be careful not to use too many colors, as this can be distracting.
  • Make it Accessible: Ensure the infographic is accessible to all stakeholders, including those with disabilities. This may involve using alt text for images or providing an audio description of the infographic.

3 Tips for Creating IT Infographics


Show Why

IT departments should always start their infographics by showing why they are embarking on this project. What is the current problem they're trying to solve or the goal they're aiming to achieve? Showing the why behind the project helps create alignment.


Use Real Dollars

Usually these types of IT presentations are given to marketing or finance departments. Use concepts of real dollars when speaking to these teams so they can understand just how big of a project this is. This will also allow these other departments to assign a value to your project and develop reasonable metrics of success.


Show System to System Interaction

Use icons and symbols to clearly illustrate the inter-connectivity between different IT systems. Many of these programs or concepts will be foreign to your audience, so showing how they all interact with each other helps your audience form a baseline understanding of the tasks at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About IT Strategy Infographics

How often should IT strategy infographics be updated?

The frequency of updating an IT strategy infographic depends on the rate of changes within the IT landscape. If the IT industry is experiencing rapid changes, such as new technological advancements or shifts in user behavior, then the infographic may need to be updated more frequently, perhaps every six months or annually. However, if the changes are more gradual, such as changes in regulations, the update frequency may be less frequent, such as every two or three years. In general, it's best to review the infographic at least once a year to ensure that it accurately reflects the organization's IT strategy.

Who should be involved in the development of an IT strategy infographic?

The development of an IT strategy infographic should involve key stakeholders from both the IT department and other business units. The IT team members responsible for developing the strategy should be involved in the process, along with executives and managers from various departments who have a vested interest in the organization's IT direction. Additionally, it may be helpful to include representatives from IT vendors or service providers to provide input on industry trends and best practices.

How can IT strategy infographics be used to communicate with stakeholders?

IT strategy infographics can be an effective communication tool to convey the organization's IT strategy to stakeholders. They can be used to present a high-level overview of the IT strategy, outlining key objectives and initiatives. The infographic can be shared with stakeholders via email, company intranet, or other communication channels. Additionally, the infographic can be used to guide discussions during meetings or presentations.

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