5 Steps to Creating Customer Scenarios

Creating customer scenarios is great for training purposes and exploring possible flaws in your customer service process. A customer scenario is a fictitious dialogue between a customer and a customer service agent where the customer has some issue they are trying to solve. Making sure your customer service agents have practiced numerous scenarios ensures that they will be prepared for virtually any issue a potential customer may have.

  1. Customer: “My problem is _______” – The first part of the dialogue is the customer letting you know the problem they’re having and or what they’re trying to achieve from this interaction.
  2. Agent: “I can offer you _______” – After you’ve heard your customer’s issue now it’s your turn to offer the solution available.
  3. Customer: “Does that solve my original issue?” – Next, the customer will acknowledge the potential solution and relate it back to their original issue. Will this issue solve the problem that the customer was having?
  4. Agent: ‘Explanation of Solution” – Now, the agent will explain what the solution they offered does and why it will alleviate their original issue. Here is a great chance to throw in some additional benefits this solution may have that the customer wouldn’t obviously be aware of.
  5. Customer “Thanks – this will work” – Finally, if the solution you provided will alleviate the customer’s original issue, they will acknowledge the solution and you can consider the problem solved.

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