Purchase Page Wireframe Templates and Examples

Building and designing the perfect purchase page is not an easy task. How many different plans or accounts does your product offer? How many different payment cycle options? What are the features included in each plan? An easy way to think through all of these factors and design the perfect page is to create a wireframe or mockup. Use the templates and examples below to help you get started.

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3 Tips for Creating a Purchase Page Wireframe

  1. Make it Possible to Buy Now

    One major key to ensuring your purchase page has a strong conversion rate is letting your users have the options to buy your product immediately. There will always be some percentage of your user population who is ready to buy on the spot. Make it as easy as possible for them and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.
  2. Designate a Plan as Most Popular

    When users land on your purchase page, they may still be confused about which plan is best for them. Designate one plan as your "most popular" option. This will serve as a guide for your "lost" users and will funnel them into the plan they need.
  3. Guide Your Users

    Alternatively, some users will land on your purchase page and know exactly which type of plan they're looking for. Provide additional assistance to these users by labeling your pricing options with "best for..." or "purchase this plan if you are...". This will eliminate questions or worries the user could have about whether or not that is the best plan for their needs.


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