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Almost every job function requires the creation of some kind of report. Often, the report is simple, clear, and easy to understand for the creator but difficult for everyone else. Creating infographics for your reports is a great way to illustrate your report and its findings to your audience in an easily digestible manner.

Reporting Example
Reporting Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Report Infographic

  1. Show Drastic Comparisons

    When showing differences in populations, data, or conclusions, make sure to show the most drastic ones. Your audience will respond better and understand more a stark comparison rather than a relatively similar one. Use graphics to show just how drastic the differences are.
  2. Use Icons, Symbols, and Colors

    Infographics are the best way for breaking complex concepts into simple one. Use icons, symbols, and coloring to categorize and represent your complicated reporting data. Remember, your audience hasn't spent nearly as much time working with this data as you have, so they need a simplified version.
  3. Illustrate Your Key Conclusion

    Make sure your report has an actionable conclusion. Based on all of the data and findings, what will you do next? Will your behavior change or stay the same? This conclusion should be highlighted and clear so that your audience understands that this is the key take-away.

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