3 Ways to Create Brainstorming Templates

Brainstorming with your team is a great way to generate new ideas, hash out potential solutions for an existing problem, or have a dialogue that results in stronger team unity. While brainstorming can be incredibly useful and effective, it can often get off topic and waste time and resources. A good way to organize your brainstorming sessions without restricting creativity is to use brainstorming tools or templates. Here are three types of brainstorming templates that will lead to successful brainstorming sessions.

  1. Create Timelines – Start with a blank timeline. Fill in loose dates or months and have the team discuss what they want to get done in each time frame, in order to move onto the next section. Once this is done, you will have essentially created a product roadmap.
  2. Create Free Form Maps – If you’re feeling particularly creative, go with the free form map. Start with a blank canvas and start writing down the words or ideas your team is throwing out. Let the organization move as the ideas keep coming. You can organize by creating a loose hierarchy and putting related ideas under or next to one another. Or organize by size, writing key ideas or objectives in larger fonts while the subsets stay smaller.
  3. Create Cycles – Create a cycle. Not all plans are linear with a clear start and end objective, some are cyclical and forever ongoing. Create a blank cycle and have your team fill in different sections of the cycle until you have completed the framework for a repeatable process.

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