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A clean and modern user interface is necessary when trying to improve page conversion rates. If new users aren't happy with your page's layout, they'll quickly leave and never return. Creating a UI infographic to test out and pitch ideas to coworkers is a great place to start.

UI Example
UI Example

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3 Tips for Creating UI Infographics

  1. Icons and Symbols

    Always be sure to use plenty of icons and symbols. There are guides and lists of generally accepted symbols that represent certain user actions. For example, the gears icon represents settings, and the person icon represents your account. Use these icons and symbols to your advantage to create a simple UI.
  2. Colors

    Colors will be your best friend when creating a UI infographic. Use different colors to illustrate different parts of the user experience and to let the user know where they are. For example, after the user interacts with your product, reward them with a bright colored or green message. If the user creates an error, show red to let them know a mistake has been made.
  3. One Step at a Time

    Break things down into steps. Showing a bunch of instructions or reason to do something is nowhere near as effective as showing things one at a time in an intelligent order. Break down what the user will do into a step-by-step process and clearly outline this in your UI infographic.

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