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What is a Dashboard Wireframe?

A dashboard wireframe is a visual representation of a dashboard's layout and content. It's a skeletal framework that outlines the basic structure and key elements of a dashboard, such as charts, tables, and metrics.

Why are Dashboard Wireframes Important?

Dashboard wireframes are important because they serve as a blueprint for the design and development of a dashboard. They help ensure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the dashboard's purpose, audience, and functionality. By visualizing the layout and content of a dashboard early in the design process, wireframes help teams avoid costly mistakes and delays down the road.

How are Dashboard Wireframes Best Used?

Dashboard wireframes are best used as a communication tool between designers, developers, and stakeholders. They can be used to gather feedback, facilitate discussions, and align stakeholders around a shared vision for the dashboard. Additionally, wireframes can be used to test and validate design concepts before investing time and resources in developing a fully functional dashboard.

What is Included in a Dashboard wireframe?

A dashboard wireframe typically includes the following elements:

  1. Header: Contains the dashboard's logo, title, and navigation menu.
  2. Metrics: Displays the dashboard's key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visually appealing way.
  3. Charts: Presents data in graphical form to help users quickly identify trends and patterns.
  4. Tables: Displays data in a tabular format to allow for easy comparison and analysis.
  5. Filters: Enables users to interact with the dashboard by selecting specific data points or time frames.
  6. Footer: Contains information about the dashboard's data sources, owners, and date of last update.

3 Tips for Creating a Dashboard Wireframe


Show Data

The fist aspect of creating a strong dashboard is deciding which data to show the user. The user is coming to the dashboard to view their account and take a certain action. First, let's show them how they have been using your product so far. What have they been doing well? Where do they have opportunity to improve? Display user data in a simple and understandable way.


Decide What's Most Important

Next, decide what are the most popular user actions and make call to actions from the dashboard so they can be easily achieved. Then, take the rest of the possible user choices and bury them. Put them behind a "more options" button so that users aren't overwhelmed with choices when they first land on the dashboard.


Color Coordinate

Finally, color coordinate. Your dashboard needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Use color patterns to let the user know where they are within the dashboard. If they're dealing with subscription or payment options, use one color; for settings or email preferences, use another.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dashboard Wireframes

How much detail should be included in a dashboard wireframe?

The level of detail included in a dashboard wireframe depends on the project's scope and the team's needs. Generally, a wireframe should provide enough detail to communicate the dashboard's layout and functionality, without getting bogged down in design details.

Who should be involved in the creation of a dashboard wireframe?

The creation of a dashboard wireframe typically involves designers, developers, data analysts, and stakeholders who will be using the dashboard.

Can a dashboard wireframe be changed after it has been approved?

Yes, a dashboard wireframe can be changed after it has been approved. However, changes should be made with caution, as they can impact the dashboard's functionality and design. Any changes should be communicated to stakeholders and other team members to ensure alignment.

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