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Dashboard Wireframes and Examples

A dashboard is a key component to user interaction with your product. From the dashboard, the user should be able to navigate around the site to accomplish virtually any objective your product allows for. By creating wireframes for your dashboard, you will ensure that you're designing the simplest yet most thorough dashboard possible for your users.

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3 Tips for Creating a Dashboard Wireframe

  1. Show Data

    The fist aspect of creating a strong dashboard is deciding which data to show the user. The user is coming to the dashboard to view their account and take a certain action. First, let's show them how they have been using your product so far. What have they been doing well? Where do they have opportunity to improve? Display user data in a simple and understandable way.
  2. Decide What's Most Important

    Next, decide what are the most popular user actions and make call to actions from the dashboard so they can be easily achieved. Then, take the rest of the possible user choices and bury them. Put them behind a "more options" button so that users aren't overwhelmed with choices when they first land on the dashboard.
  3. Color Coordinate

    Finally, color coordinate. Your dashboard needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Use color patterns to let the user know where they are within the dashboard. If they're dealing with subscription or payment options, use one color; for settings or email preferences, use another.
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