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Facebook images are perfect for catching the attention of your followers and potential audience and they're more likely to be shared than a text post. It's also easy to create promoted ads from already existing image posts in order to expand your audience.

Facebook images should be a 16:9 aspect ratio. Common dimensions include 1980 x 1080 px, 1640 x 923 px, and 1200 x 675 px. Page header images should be in this ratio as well.

Facebook Post Images

Create Facebook Images*

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Facebook Image

  1. Define Your Message

    The type of layout or information you choose to include will be determined by the intention of the Facebook post. If you're raising awareness for a cause tangential to your business, you might choose a different layout than if you're announcing a new product or feature.

  2. Make it Pop

    It's important to stand out and catch the attention of your followers and potential audience. Images that are eye-catching and fun are more likely to encourage engagement and sharing. Choose art, fonts, and colors that are consistent with your brand but will also create a cohesive and fun image!

  3. Use the Space

    Ensuring your image has all the vital information on it makes it easier for people to understand, especially if it's clear and simple. Facebook allows for relatively large resolution images, so you have plenty of space to lay out taglines, numbers, and results. Don't over-clutter, but don't shy away from important details!


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