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What Would You Do - Wages
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How to use eLearning Practices in Business

By Dr. Jane Bozarth

Storyboarding is a great way of trying out scenarios, making sure you've got the right mix of characters, and quickly running through dialogue that matches. One of most common problems with eLearning courses is the “next button problem”, where linear navigation leads the learner rather passively from one screen... to another… to another. Storyboarding a case or simulation can help you create the layout for meaningful interactions: simulations showing consequences of the learner’s decisions can make for powerful learning experiences.

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  • Mr. Jenkins, I was just talking with Jack. He and I both graduated from college in June, and we both came to work here at the same time.
  • We both do exactly the same job. And he gets paid more than I do?!
  • Cindy is a good employee who has been working for you for several months.
  • She has been talking with Jack, who also works in your agency.
  • Jack works for another manager. You find out all this is true. What should you do?
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