Example of Physical Bullying

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Example of Physical Bullying
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School Bullying Awareness

Types of Bullying

By Rebecca Ray

Here at Storyboard That, we have found that by using storyboards to create role-playing scenarios, students can better see the effects and characteristics of bullying. Through interactive lessons, you can help change student mindsets from “bullying is a problem” to “bullying is a problem, and I can do something about it”.

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Storyboard Description

Types of Bullying: Physical Bullying Example | Help students identify the different types of bullying with storyboard examples

Storyboard Text

  • Physical bullying includes person to person contact. Examples of this include shoving, tripping, kicking, and hitting. Sometimes this can be difficult to distinguish from rough play, but if it is at inappropriate times or if not everyone involved is comfortable, it may be bullying.
  • You will stay in that locker 'til I get your lunch money!
  • PLEASE! Vince, I don't like it when you punch me in the arm. IT HURTS!
  • Ms. C, please help me! Every day at recess Johnny trips me.
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