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On the Way to Athens
Updated: 5/9/2018
On the Way to Athens
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Greek Mythology - The Hero Theseus

Greek Mythology - The Hero Theseus

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

Theseus is one of the great heroes of Greek mythology. His exploits demonstrate his intelligence, sense of justice, and great physical skill. Theseus is thought to be the one who united Attica (region of Greece where Athens is), showing him to be a great king and politician. Civilization conquering barbarism and unnaturalness was an important theme for the city of Athens, so of course her greatest hero would bring justice, and order to the world. Theseus is truly the perfect hero for Athens, the center of ancient Greek culture and academics.

Diagram a Process

Diagram a Process

By Anna Warfield

We give and get instructions all of the time, whether it is a tutorial on a website, a recipe for dinner, or directions to the post office. We go through various processes too, as do many natural phenomena. Life cycles, routines, photosynthesis, digestion - processes are everywhere! Instructions and processes are so much more easily understood when accompanied by visuals. When we storyboard a process or create a sequential diagram, we can focus on discrete steps, cause and effect, and sequence.

Greek Mythology: Theseus

Storyboard Description

Plan out a skit of a Greek myth to film in class

Storyboard Text

  • Halt, Traveler! I am Periphetes. Don't worry, you won't need to remember my name for much longer. I shall beat you with my bronze club!
  • Narrator: When we last left Theseus, he had discovered his true identity and set off for Athens. ACTION: Theseus walks toward the camera from a distance.
  • Wait... is your club REALLY made out of bronze? I've heard the stories, but I just can't believe it.
  • Narrator: Periphetes the Club-Bearer. He is the son of Hephaestus and Anticleia. His favorite pastimes include whacking people on the head with a bronze club and robbing their corpses.
  • What?! How dare you! I am the mightiest! Take a look for yourself and see my great bronze club!
  • ACTION: Periphetes jumps out from behind a tree. Theseus is startled.
  • ACTION: Theseus shows disbelief and disinterest.
  • ACTION: Periphetes gives Theseus the club. Narrator: He's got him now!
  • Narrator: Our mighty adventurer gave Periphetes exactly what he deserved: a knock on the noggin! Next time on the Adventures of Theseus: Sinis the Pine-Bender!
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