Amos and Boris Summary

Updated: 3/29/2019
Amos and Boris Summary
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Amos and Boris

Storyboard Description

Amos and Boris by William Steig | Amos and Boris Summary & Beginning Middle End activity

Storyboard Text

  • "He loved the ocean. He loved the smell of sea air. He loved to hear the surf sounds..."
  • "When the boat was finished, he loaded it with cheese, biscuits, acorns, honey, wheat germ, two barrels of fresh water... and various other necessities."
  • We are introduced to Amos, a mouse, who loves the ocean but lives on land.
  • Amos builds a ship and packs it with all the necessities he would need on his journey. He sets off into the sea.
  • "They became the closest friends possible."
  • Amos is so amazed by the beauty of his surroundings that he falls off his ship and cannot get back to it. He treads water for a long time and thinks about his options.
  • Boris, the whale, comes up from the water and greets Amos. Boris said he would love to help Amos get back to land. They talk and talk on their journey and quickly become the best of friends.
  • END
  • I want you to remember that if you ever need my help I'd be more than glad to give it.
  • We will be friends forever, but we can't be together... I'll never forget you though
  • END
  • "Amos, help me!"
  • Boris drops Amos off at the shore. They promise to be friends forever even though they may not get to see each other often because of their living situations.
  • A hurricane washes Boris up on shore and he cannot get back into the water. Boris sees Amos and cries for help. Amos runs away and comes back with two elephants that help push Boris back in the ocean.