My Father's Dragon Predictions

My Father's Dragon Predictions
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My Father’s Dragon is an exciting read-aloud for young children. In the story, Elmer Elevator explores Wild Island on a rescue mission to save a baby dragon. He encounters frightening sights, but his quick thinking and ingenuity prove no match for anyone standing in his way. This funny and creative story will capture the attention of all readers!

My Father's Dragon

Storyboard Description

Making Predictions in My Father's Dragon

Storyboard Text

  • Question
  • Prediction: I know Elmer packed a tooth brush and paste, I think he is going to give it to the Rhino to help him clean his tusk.
  • Prediction: I think Elmer will use the brush or the comb to help the lion brush his mane.
  • What do you predict Elmer will use from his bag to help him escape from the animal?
  • When Elmer meets the Rhino for the first time the Rhino is weeping because his tusk is now yellow instead of white. When I was a young rhinoceros, my tusk was pearly white, but it has turned a nasty yellow-gray in my old age, and I find it very ugly.
  • Elmer runs into a lion who is yelling and angry because he has blackberry twigs stuck in his hair.A lion was prancing about clawing at his mane, which was snarled and full of blackberry twigs.
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