My Father's Dragon Vocabulary

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My Father's Dragon Vocabulary
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My Father’s Dragon is an exciting read-aloud for young children. In the story, Elmer Elevator explores Wild Island on a rescue mission to save a baby dragon. He encounters frightening sights, but his quick thinking and ingenuity prove no match for anyone standing in his way. This funny and creative story will capture the attention of all readers!

My Father's Dragon

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My Father's Dragon Vocabulary

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  • HOLD
  • "There are three signs of a recent invasion."
  • (n.) a bag with shoulder straps to carry supplies"The night before my father sailed he borrowed his father's knapsack and he and the cat packed everything very carefully."
  • (n). a place for carrying cargo on a ship"My father hid in the hold for six days and nights. Twice he was nearly caught when the ship stopped to take on more cargo."
  • (adj.) serious, not cheerful"The second thing that happened was that he nearly walked right between two wild boars who were talking in low solemn whispers."
  • "My Father's Dragon" Vocabulary
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