The One Eyed Giant - Vocabulary

Updated: 4/21/2017
The One Eyed Giant - Vocabulary
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The One-Eyed Giant is the first book in the Tales from the Odyssey series by Mary Pope Osborne that retells the thrilling stories from Homer’s Odyssey for kids. The book is a perfect read-aloud for younger elementary students and will definitely foster an interest in Greek mythology.

The One-Eyed Giant

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Odyssey for Kids - The One Eyed Giant by Mary Pope Osborne - Vocabulary

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  • We've got all the provisions we need for THE perfect girls' night!
  • Baaaahhh
  • Oh, no! That brute is going to eat us!
  • (N.) Supplies, especially food or other necessities "He ordered three of his men to explore the island and look for provisions."
  • (V.) To make a characteristic wavering cry, as a sheep, goat, or calf "Finally, he heard the awful whistling of the monster, then the bleating of sheep."
  • (N.)A savagely violent person or animal "If I slay the brute, we will die, too, trapped forever in his wretched lair."