The Storm - Connections
Updated: 5/22/2017
The Storm - Connections
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The Lighthouse Family Lesson Plans

The Lighthouse Family: The Storm by Cynthia Rylant

Lesson Plans by Ashley Trudeau

The Lighthouse Family: The Storm by Cynthia Rylant is the first story in the popular series. The book introduces how the beloved Lighthouse Family came to be. Readers will fall in love with this unconventional family, and beg to read more titles in the series.

The Lighthouse Family: The Storm

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The Lighthouse Family The Storm Text Connections

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  • Rylant writes about Seabold, a dog, that is adventurous and likes to do things on his own.
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  • Rylant also writes the Henry and Mudge series, and one of the main characters is Mudge who is also a dog. Mudge loves adventures, like camping.
  • SELF
  • Nice to meet you!
  • Pandora loves being a lighthouse keeper. She loves that the lighthouse is a symbol of safety for people.
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  • "and though his heart broke to see it so battered, he believed he could save it."
  • I met a lighthouse keeper once, while visiting my favorite lighthouse.
  • Seabold gets in a shipwreck and Pandora rescues him. When he sees the condition his boat is in from the wreck, he is sad, but he vows to fix it.
  • On the news there was a segment about a shipwreck found on an island. People worked to fix the ship.

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