"Si" Constructions in French

Updated: 3/20/2019
"Si" Constructions in French
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Courir Example

French Verbs in Context

Lesson Plans by Bridget Baudinet

No French course is complete without considerable emphasis on verb conjugations. All language students are likely quite familiar with the repetitive conjugation charts that make up many practice assignments. Add variety to your lessons by incorporating storyboards into your assignment rotation. Storyboards may take a bit more time than written conjugations, but the visual they provide can help students better grasp the grammatical concepts. Each storyboard encourages individual creativity and makes students eager to share their work and practice oral language skills.
Create Worksheets from Storyboards

Create New Teaching Materials for French Class

By Bridget Baudinet

With the many possibilities of Storyboard That, French teachers will enjoy using the platform as much as their students! Not only can the storyboards be used for student activities, but they can also serve as a resource for creating materials for the language classroom. Using the program, teachers can create worksheets, tests, oral language practice, and posters to decorate the classroom. All of these materials are personalized and adapted to the needs of their particular students, ensuring that the lessons will always meet students where they're at.

French Verbs in Context

Storyboard Text

  • Si...présent...
  • ...futur
  • Si les oiseaux mangent les miettes...
  • Si...imparfait...
  • Hansel et Gretel ne retrouveront pas le chemin.
  • ...conditionnel
  • Si j'avais un million de dollars...
  • j'achèterais un château.
  • Si...plus-que-parfait...
  • ...conditionnel passé
  • Examen
  • A+
  • Si j'avais étudié cette semaine...
  • j'aurais réussi à mon examen ce matin.