Getting to Know You in French

Updated: 3/22/2019
Getting to Know You in French
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French Dialogues for Beginners

Lesson Plans by Bridget Baudinet

Introducing students to their first functional vocabulary and conversational French usually requires demonstration through dialogue. Students may read dialogue scenarios in a textbook, listen to sound clips, or view a brief film to first learn how francophones exchange greetings and move through daily life. Once students have been presented with the appropriate vocabulary, the following activities are a great way for students to practice writing sentences they can then practice reading aloud.

Introductory French Dialogues

Storyboard Description

Getting to Know You in French - French Dialogue Practice

Storyboard Text

  • Bonjour, je m’appelle Étienne. Je suis français.
  • Bonjour, Étienne. Je m’appelle Mark.Tu es de Paris, Étienne?
  • Non, je suis de Nice. Et toi? Tu es d’où? 
  • Je suis de New York. Je suis américain. 
  • Tu es sportif, Mark? 
  • Non, je ne suis pas sportif. Je suis musical.
  • Tu es élève au lycée?
  • Oui, je suis élève dans un lycée à New York.
  • Ciao! 
  • C'est sympa. À plus tard, Mark!