Cinderella Character Traits

Updated: 2/10/2021
Cinderella Character Traits
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The Cinderella fairy tale has been adored by children all over the world for centuries. Since the Brothers Grimm version was published in 1812, thousands of other versions have been written and retold. All of them share the endearing main character, Cinderella, who is taken for granted despite her pure and kind heart.


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Cinderella Activity: Character Traits in Cinderella by Vera Southgate

Storyboard Text

  • Fairy Godmother: Helpful
  • Cinderella: Selfless
  • Step Sisters: Selfish
  • I would like to wear a beautiful dress and go to the ball!
  • You go to the ball!? A fine sight you would be!
  • Fairy Godmother is helpful. She helps Cinderella get a chance to fo to the ball.
  • Cinderella did all of the housework without complaint. She carried coal to the fire, cooked the meals, washed the dishes, and dusted the furniture. She worked from morning until night without stopping.
  • Cinderella's sisters teased her and laughed at the thought of her going to ball.
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