Frindle Vocabulary

Updated: 5/10/2019
Frindle Vocabulary
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Frindle By Andrew Clements

Lesson Plans by Heidi Deck

What happens when a simple idea takes over an entire school and town? Ask Nick Allen, a quick-witted fifth grader at Lincoln Elementary School. After an attempt to waste time and provoke his new language arts teacher, Nick gets assigned a report on the history of the dictionary. This research sparks an idea to invent a new word: “frindle”. What was once an innocent idea spreads like wildfire until the word no longer belongs to Nick, and there’s no way for him to stop it.


Storyboard Description

This Frindle Vocabulary activity will help students identify and illustrate unfamiliar vocabulary and get them thinking about how to create their own word!

Storyboard Text

  • JOLT
  • (V.) A sudden, jarring push or shake "Lincoln Elementary needed a good jolt once in a while, and Nick was just the guy to deliver it." (Page 3)
  • (N.) The opinion that people have about someone or something because of what has happened in the past "His reputation was in great danger. So he launched another question." (Page 29)
  • (Adv.) suddenly and unexpectedly "Then Mrs. Granger stood up abruptly and said, 'That is all for today Nicholas, and may the best word win.'" (Page 47)