Communism and the Russian Revolution - Communism in Russia

Communism and the Russian Revolution - Communism in Russia
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Communism Lesson Plans

Communism and the Russian Revolution

Lesson Plans by John Gillis

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Russia and China faced a number of internal struggles. Dissatisfaction with leadership and a large, unhappy peasant class created instability in both regions. These activities offer an in-depth understanding of global communism for students. They are designed to help students understand the links between history and our world today.

Communism and the Russian Revolution

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Communism Lesson Plan - Communism in Russia

Storyboard Text

  • Theory: Society Without Classes
  • Marxist Theory
  • We are all middle class!
  • Practice: Society Without Classes
  • Stalin's Reality
  • How did they get such a big house?
  • They belong to "The Party".
  • Marx desired a society in which class lines were dissolved. He wanted to end the constant struggle between the working class (proletariat) and the owners (bourgeoisie).
  • Theory: Private Property is Eliminated
  • Under Stalin, important members of the Communist Party were given large homes and other luxury items.
  • Practice: Private Property is Eliminated
  • No need for fences - this land belongs to everyone.
  • Barracks
  • According to Marx, private property made laborers feel alienated. Private property should only exist, "as the relationship of the entire community to the world of things”.
  • Theory: Equality Between Genders
  • Workplace
  • Home
  • The land reform revolution that Stalin enforced was devastating to the peasants. The process of forcing peasants on to commonly owned "collective farms" resulted in millions of deaths.
  • Practice: Equality Between Genders
  • Workplace
  • !
  • Home
  • According to Marx, oppressing one gender is the same as oppressing a class (like the proletariat) and must be stopped.
  • Theory: Social Ownership of Production
  • Equal pay at work and equal responsibility at home!
  • In reality, Soviet women were expected to perform double duty. In addition to new demanding careers, they were also charged with all housework and child-rearing duties.
  • Practice: Social Ownership of Production
  • I'm heading out with my friends!
  • Marx felt that the proletariat (working class) should own the means of production.
  • Theory: Government Won't be Needed It Will Fade Away
  • Industrial gains were made, but the workers suffered through terrible conditions. Workers were punished, often with violence, for not meeting nearly impossible quotas.
  • Practice: Government Controls with Fear
  • Marx felt that a classless society would govern itself. Eventually, governing institutions would not be needed.
  • Government offices closed
  • Stalin created a totalitarian state. All aspects of life were controlled by the state - often through fear.
  • Government is watching

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