Communism and the Russian Revolution - Debunking Rasputin

Updated: 12/29/2016
Communism and the Russian Revolution - Debunking Rasputin
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Communism and the Russian Revolution

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During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Russia and China faced a number of internal struggles. Dissatisfaction with leadership and a large, unhappy peasant class created instability in both regions. A European ideology developed by Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto, offered a solution for both societies. According to Marx, communism was a political theory based on the sharing of resources “communally”. These activities offer an in-depth understanding of global communism for students. They are designed to help students understand the links between history and our world today.

Communism and the Russian Revolution

Storyboard Description

Communism Lesson Plan - Communism and the Russian Revolution - Rasputin

Storyboard Text

  • Rasputin could ease Prince Alexis' hemophilia
  • The Legend of Rasputin
  • Was Rasputin using hypnosis?
  • Rasputin debunked?
  • Be calm, Alexis.
  • The pain is almost gone.
  • Czar Nicholas' son had severe hemophilia. Rasputin was able to ease the Prince's suffering when he had an attack.
  • Poison had no effect on Rasputin
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center conducted a study on the effectiveness of hypnosis on hemophilia. Researchers found it was an effective way to slow bleeding.
  • Did the assassins provide the antidote with the poison?
  • Potassium Cyanide
  • Sugar = glucose = antidote!
  • The decision was made to kill Rasputin. One of the alleged assassins, Prince Yusupov, invited Rasputin to his palace for an evening of drinking. Yusupov poisoned the wine and cakes with potassium cyanide - but they had no effect on Rasputin.
  • Bullets had no effect on Rasputin
  • The antidote for potassium cyanide is glucose. Poisoning sweet wine and pastries may have made the poison ineffective.
  • Was Rasputin killed with a single bullet?
  • The five assassins shot Rasputin several times - once in the torso from point blank range. He survived multiple shots before being fatally shot.
  • Rasputin could not be drowned
  • Autopsies show that Rasputin was the victim of a gunshot wound to the head - the assassins did not disclose this. Some say his wounds were added posthumously to make the assassins seem heroic.
  • Was Rasputin dead before he ever hit the water?
  • He's been dead for hours. Let the river get rid of this demon!
  • The assassins bound up Rasputin's dead body and threw him into the frozen Malaya Nevka river. When his body was found the next day, evidence showed that Rasputin struggled in the water and was still alive after poisoning and multiple gunshots.
  • Autopsies showed that Rasputin had no water in his lungs. This indicates that he never struggled in the water.