Scramble for Africa

Scramble for Africa
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Imperialism Lesson Plans

The Age of Imperialism

Lesson Plans by John Gillis

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, European powers set out to develop global empires and their efforts were largely successful. Imperialism reorganized international politics and had a major impact on the development of the global south.

History of Imperialism

Storyboard Description

History timeline of Imperialism and age of imperialism - Scramble for Africa. Imperialist states vie for control over parts of Africa.

Storyboard Text

  • David Livingstone
  • Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
  • The Scramble for Africa
  • After Dr. David Livingstone disappeared into the Congo for several years, an American reporter, Henry Stanley, went to track him down. The story sparked widespread interest in Africa.
  • The Belgian Congo
  • European Advantages
  • Steam Engine
  • Maxim Machine Gun
  • King Leopold II hired Stanley to help him acquire lands in the Congo. The colony, the Belgian Congo, brutally exploited locals as labor to collect rubber sap.
  • Rubber is money! We need more! Your life depends on it!
  • European imperialists had a number of advantages that allowed them to penetrate into Africa and create colonies.
  • Anti-Malarial drugs
  • Berlin Conference
  • Ethiopian Resistance
  • In order to prevent conflict over African colonies, European leaders met in Berlin to decide where and how colonies should be established. No Africans were invited.
  • Ethiopia defeated an invading Italian force at the Battle of Adwa. By 1914, only two nations remained independent: Liberia and Ethiopia.
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